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Unless you are a registered member of our website, we do not collect personal information whilst you are only browsing this site.

We do collect personal information under some circumstances, including but not limited to:

·         When you register on our website or participate in a promotion.

·         When you provide feedback via a form or questionnaire.

·         When you send us email.

When you visit our website, we may record information about your visit. This information is used anonymously for statistical purposes and is not used to identify an individual or an individual’s browsing activities. The information collected may contain:

·         Your IP address and/or domain name.

·         The pages and resources accessed or downloaded.

·         The type of browser being used and other information provided by the browser about your computer and operating system.

·         Details of the site visited immediately prior to visiting our site.


Our website uses cookies to identify your session as you browse and to allow certain aspects of the website to function. These cookies may persist for a period of time and may be used to identify you should you visit our website again.

Use and Disclosure

We will only use the personal information gathered from this website for the purposes for which it was provided.

We will not share this personal information with any third parties, unless:

·         We have the permission of the individual for which this information pertains.

·         The individual would reasonably expect, or has been told, that information of that type is provided to third parties.

·         We are required or authorised to do so by law.


We maintain and update personal information collected from or published on our website as necessary or when we are advised by you that your personal information has changed.


When you make a payment for a purchase via our website, you are doing so directly with our payment provider via a secure connection. We do not record credit card numbers and at no time is your card details handled in our system. Staff members associated with website maintenance have access to our website’s backend system which is password protected. Our website server is also password protected.


The personal information we maintain is available for viewing and modification in the account settings section of the website.


Please note: All product images are digital and are for illustration purposes only. Colours and shades may therefore vary from image/description.


My Bag Shop may utilise the content of any social post featuring the hashtags #mybagshop #mbs #handbags for the purpose of advertising and marketing activities. If you wished to query a photo to be removed please contact us at

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